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Common reasons why corporate Intranet implementations fail

As an contractor, I usually get hired when something goes wrong, or need to be done immediately. Most of the times this is when projects are failing or about to fail.

I have seen a lot of development oriented companies having trouble implementing SharePoint.  Mainly, this is because these companies are used to developing software targeted for a particular part of the stakeholders’  company. However, when it comes to implementing an Intranet an much wider view and understanding is required.  Developing and deploying an Intranet  requires to involve a lot of different functions from an company, and usually results in political warfare when not properly managed.

However, ERP related companies seem to have less of a struggle when it comes to implementing SharePoint. Basically because they have seen what it takes to implement ERP systems.

I have set up an list of most experienced reasons why corporate intranet implementations fail:

  • Primary focus on technology instead of functionality.
  • Lack of understanding of the product and inexperienced teams.
  • Lack of early end-user involvement and not planning for Intranet adoption.
  • Lack of an structured process for getting requirements, developing, managing and transitioning a SharePoint project.
  • Absence of a well defined information architecture and not doing usability assessment. 
  • Stakeholders support organization not able to support SharePoint.
  • Not understanding and being able to communicate the impact of an SharePoint implementation to the stakeholder.
  • Stakeholder not being able to provide clear requirements.
  • Failing to have an governance strategy.

Be sure to asses this risks when you are starting your SharePoint projects.


Meet me at Office DevCon 2008 in Sydney!

Hi! I will be at the office DevCon 2008 in Sydney, if you are interested in meeting me and would like to discuss a bit on SharePoint project management methodologies, or SharePoint development practices I would be pleased!

I would love to share experiences and knowledge on some real-life SharePoint implementations project management approaches – practices  instead all the ´How do I <Insert feature here>´,  sessions.

Since the real challenge of SharePoint, as I see it, doesn’t lie in technology but in specification, implementation and adoption.

Just drop me an e-mail and we’ll grab a couple of drinks!