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Getting started with WCM (Part 1) – WCM Introduction

Before you you can start building an WCM Internet presence site. You need to know WCM. Its capabilities and limitations. If you are new MOSS WCM i would recommend reading every part of MOSS WCM you can find on the Internet. For now, I will post a couple of good resources here which should get you started immediately. I highly recommend starting with the videos to get the general idea.

Understand WCM core concepts

Get right to the action with 2007 Office System Video: Enterprise Content Management. Follow up with Customizing and Branding Web Content Management-Enabled Sharepoint Sites (Part 1 of 3): Understanding Web Content Management and the Default Features series.

Read the Microsoft’s excellent resources Managing Web Content and the conceptual WCM and branding – How do I…. If you get the overall idea you can start reading the planning documentation with Plan Web site structure and publishing (Office Sharepoint Server)

The latter includes a reference to some good whitepapers: ‘Building Multilingual Solutions by Using Sharepoint Products and Technologies’  (also covers localization of custom webparts), ‘Information architecture in Office Sharepoint Server‘ and the excellent Web Publishing and Planning Guide with Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server book

Know what consequences an moss presence site has for security environment and what to do about it here: How to lockdown an Internet facing MOSS-based web site and Planning, Designing & Securing an Extranet and Internet Facing WSSv3 and Sharepoint Server 2007 Environments

You are probably going to use content deployment, and you might have some troubles with it. There is an excellent blog post that referers to situations regarding content deployment check it out here.

While you are at it, check out the hardware requirements for an WCM configuration at Estimate performance and capacity requirements for Internet environments (Office Sharepoint Server)

Master Sharepoint designer

Sharepoint designer is your sidekick in MOSS WCM world.  So make sure SPD becomes second nature.

WS313 – Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007: Building No-Code Sharepoint Solutions (WS313_Mauceri.wmv)
Also get the 40 application templates under the hood for some general Sharepoint Designer patterns and practices.

Get in-depth

As you build an WCM presence site you might run into several requirements that WCM doesn’t cover out of the box. It is key to know how to extend MOSS WCM. MOSS uses the ASP.NET 2.0 provider model extensively. The two most frequent custom implemented providers are the SiteMapProvider and the MemberShipProvider.

Learn from others’ experiences

There are a couple of good tutorials on how other companies incorporated WCM.  See the How we did it.. – SPS Blog series. This blog references to real world implementations which covered implications like Search Engine Rankings & SEO, reducing page size , hybrid authentication providers (#Authentication) and ‘friendly URLs‘.

More resources

Basically your one stop shop for all other WCM resources, purposely put it as last so it doesn’t confuse with it sheer amount of information.

Microsoft Enterprise Content Management Team blog (Includes WCM)

Microsoft Sharepoint Blog

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