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Back from France! And back for business!

Well, I’m back from my holiday in beautiful France. Now plowing trough all the posts in my RSS reader. Some interesting things you probably already know, nevertheless I’ll blog them here. These nifty updates make my social life disappear once again.

The new Moss2007 SDK 2.1 & WSS 3.0 SDK 2.1

You can download the MOSS SDK here and the WSS SDK here at microsoft.com.

Here’s an excerpt of some of the new tools (from the link below):

Business data catalog samples and utilities

  • Microsoft business data catalog definition Editor
    (No more XML writing for BDC) And free too. More on this tool here (SPS Teamblog)
  • WSHelloWorld web service
  • Excel services user defined function sample
  • WSOrders custom proxy sample
  • SAP sample

Document management and content processing samples

  • Comment scrub document converter
  • Term replacement document inspector

Search samples

  • Sample protocol handler
  • Custom content source

For a full description on the contents of this SDK will refer to this nice post.  (SPS Teamblog)

Visual Studio Extensions for Sharepoint development CTP

Glad to see that the SPS team is still building more tools to aid Sharepoint development. The Sharepoint designer team released an new version of the VSeWSS kit that extends visual studio to help the developer create Sharepoint solutions. Personally, I really like the WSP view. It nicely abstracts all the files needed for an WSP solution and shows the developer the Sharepoint extension points only (like libraries, webparts etc). One could consider it as an functional view on your Sharepoint solution. Although I miss the functionality to add new functional components in the WSP tree, it is still pretty interesting. I’m also wondering why the team doesn’t use the Guidance Automation Toolkit for building such a factory tool.

You can find more on the VSeWSS here.

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