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BDC: Introducing the BDCToolkit

I’ve created an BDC Toolkit stub project on CodePlex that should make life somewhat easier for developers that are struggling with the BDC runtime model. This can generate an typed layer to your BDC.  

Here is an excerpt from the project page:

So, how does it work?

The console application generates strongly typed code from your ‘Business Data Catalog Application Definition’ that describes the external system and generates one of the following artifacts:

Typed Data-Access-Layer
A strongly typed set of C# classes that provide an indirection layer for programming against the BDC. These classes map directly against the methods defined in the BDC application definition file. This way the developers don’t need to worry about the BDC object model, and enables them to focus more on the overall functionality of the integration process. The classes are two way, so reading and writing using the BDC is covered.

Web service Layer
A strongly typed web service that enables users to access their BDC application definition methods using a web service. It uses the same DAL as above but provides a thin web service layer so that users can easily integrate their BDC application definition in products like InfoPath.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out: BDC Toolkit. I will be committing files soon!

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