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Welcome to my blog!

Hi! Welcome to my blog! My name is Emile Bosch. I am an Dutch Sharepoint 2007 contractor. On this blog you will find posts related to document management, coloration and Sharepoint development.  Most of  these posts and topics are sprouted based upon real-life Sharepoint implementations and experiences. I hope u find them as useful as I do.

I’m always up for new projects so if you wish to contract me, contact me at the about page on the top.

One Response

  1. Man – really like your blog! I’m trying to learn sharepoint and your blog is useful.

    One small question (regarding language) – above you used the phrase “Most of these posts and topics are sprouted upon …” Did you mean the dutch word “spruiten” as in “voortkomen”? (I’m learning Dutch). If that is the case, “based on” is better than sprouted. (“Sprouted from” kan, maar in dit geval, klinkt het nog steeds een beetje raar)

    But keep up with the excellent blog

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